CMGTN - child with toe nail issue, anybody else?

Lorrom - posted on 06/12/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 3-yr-old daughter has what is called congenital malalignment of the great toe nail or lateral deviation of the great toe nail. Basically the nail matrix doesn't grow normal, straight, but grows diagonal. Birth condition. Saw the specialist and told us it can fix itself by teenager years, but most likely needs surgery that is extremely painful. His advice was to wait, because he hates doing that type of surgery to children that young, especially that most cases fix themselves. We got wide shoes so the toe sits in there nicely with no pressure, but besides that I have no idea if I should do anything else. SOmetimes she says her toes hurt. The nail looks crooked and is thick, like it is formed by 20 layers of nail on top of eachother, yellowish in color. It grows veeery slow and is difficult to cut. We thought it was nail fungus but the testing came back negative for that.

Any other child with this condition? Just want to make sure we are doing the right thing waiting. She is a very active child and cannot imagine her sitting still after surgery, or maybe in a couple of years, when she understands better and she doesn't risk more injury to the stitches or her toes.


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John - posted on 10/06/2014




Hi, I just signed up when I seen you're post during my own research on this.
For what it may be worth to you I am a 35 year old man who has suffered with this all my life, not in a physical way but every trip to the pool or beach as a child adolescent and adult was shrouded in self conscious misery with the appearance of my big toe. I couldn't possibly imagine what it will be like for a young girl!
I'm getting the surgery now as an adult and if she were my child I'd be getting the surgery done ASAP so they don't have to go through the embarrassment I did as a kid, thankfully my own kids don't have this issue.
Maybe I spent too much time dwelling on this but it's just an insight I'dike too share. Whatever you decide good luck.

Sharon - posted on 06/12/2010




i'm having a hard imagining that this is more painful than removal of the entire toenail for severely ingrown nails.

I would just do the surgery. she won't feel anything, he's supposed to use anesthetic.

i'm also trying to decide if keeping a 3 yr old corralled or keeping a 12 yr old soccer freak off his feet is harder. I'm leaning towards the 12 yr old being the more difficult of the two. School, friends, soccer, after school activities, dances...

do the surgery now. we waited on the ingrown toenail thing with my son and it was nothing but a nightmare. not mention, wearing wide shoes when you don't need them, does not help you walk with grace. she'll develop an odd gait in order to compensate for the floppy shoes.

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