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Sapphire - posted on 01/21/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




co parenting with my baby's father and was wondering if any one has had to deal with parenting time and inclement weather. Does he still take her if there is a major snow storm hitting that day? Our court order does not address that. A stom is hitting on saturday and he is suppose to have her from 12-4pm. I do not want my child in danger however he doesnt want to try and work together to rearrange his time or for him to come over and see her at my house instead.

Would it be contempt if i am looking in the best interest of the child and making sure she isnt on the road in a snow storm?


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Raye - posted on 01/22/2016




If you both can't agree, then follow the court orders. You can't deny him time. If he can't get her back by 4pm because of the weather, then he will get her back as soon as it's safe afterward. He will have to use his best judgment in what is safe, and you shouldn't demand he be on time, because then YOU would be putting them in danger by making them be on the road. Even if you have primary custody and/or care for your daughter most of the time, she does not belong only to you. She is not a piece of property that you "own". She's a person with rights to be with both her parents.

Jodi - posted on 01/21/2016




He still gets the child. What makes you think the child would be in danger? As you are BOTH responsible for the wellbeing of the child, his opinion on whether he thinks it is dangerous for the child also counts. If he decides it isn't dangerous, and it is his time with the child, then that overrides your opinion.

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