co-sleeping and dummy HELP?

Sarah - posted on 02/14/2011 ( 7 moms have responded )




my son is 13months old and i can not get him out of my bed any suggestions, also i would like to get rid of his dummy....


Jenn - posted on 02/16/2011




Easier to end the dummy than the thumb! My oldest used a pacifier until she was 3 (only at night was our rule by then) and I snipped the end off when I could tell she was nearing its end. The Paci Fairy came to visit her the night she gave it up and left her a note praising her accomplishment. She was pretty proud of that.

As for co-sleeping, I'd choose which is most important to end first. Your child will need the dummy for comfort once out of the comfort of your bed. One thing at a time for the most peaceful results.

You could wait till your child falls asleep and put him in his own bed. He'll wake a few times the first few nights. I do not believe in letting a child cry it out. If I'm patient, my children will move onto the next stages as they need to when they are prepared to. I agree with the above poster, the co-sleeping doesn't concern me much because it is a very short period of time in their life that they'll even want to.

Mary - posted on 02/15/2011




I slept with all of my kids, I have twins and a younger daughter. My twins were preemies and I felt I needed them nearby to make sure I was right there if they needed me (they had some problems). My twins are now 6 and they've been sleeping on their own since they were about 2. My youngest is 3 and sleeps with me now but she can sleep just about anywhere, I slept with her because I was just too exhausted after she was born and breastfeeding was easier having her in bed with me. I haven't really had a problem. They all seem very excited about being "big" girls that sleeping alone wasn't much of an issue. I do sometimes have all 3 in bed with me and that is fine, when really crowded I just tell myself that they are not going to want to sleep with mom when they are 15 so I just enjoy. Seems urgency to get child out of bed or even looking down on co-sleeping all shows which culture someone is from.

Louise - posted on 02/15/2011




Co sleeping is a nightmare to break and it will take about 3 nights to break. Place him in his own room and when he starts to cry comfort him but place him back into his bed and leave the room. He will moan the first night most of the night as he is feeling abandoned and out of sorts. Stay firm keep putting him back to bed and leave the room. The second night will be just as bad but by the third night he will begin to get the idea that this is his room and where he is to sleep. This is a really hard lesson for a child that has co-slept to learn but one that needs to be addressed now or you will not get your bed back for years! Make sure you get some support in the day so you can get some sleep as you will need it.

As for the dummy cut down on the usage in the day and let him have it at night time for as long as he needs it. All three of my kids had a dummy and believe me they decide for themselves when it is no longer wanted in time. I took my daughters dummy away in the day about 13 months but she has it at night, sometimes she wants it and others she just wants to hold it, I expect in the next few months it will be ignored enough for me to throw it away without any stress and fuss from her. Do not whatever you do remove the dummy whilst you are trying to get him to sleep in his own bed as this is a huge comfort to most babies at night.

Good luck with the regaining your own bed it will be a fight but well worth a few nights of no sleep to many years of a wriggling child and no sleep.


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Carla - posted on 02/16/2011




Agree, one thing at a time, if you choose to ditch the dummy cutthe teat off or fill it with salt put it back together and poke a hole in it, this will deter your child big time. Worked for us. As for the co-sleeping, agree with above stay firm and keep returning your child to their own room, tehy will soon tire of it and stay put.

Sarah - posted on 02/16/2011




Thanks guys I shall try these things gonna be a bit hard with the no sleep thing I dnt have any1 to take him in the mornings his mine 24/7 :) lol as for we live alone bit hard juggling mummy duties and no sleep and trying to get my year 10 certificate at the same time but this was my choice to have a baby at 15 and I shall make the most of it :) just kinda wish I never gave him a dummy :-P anyway thanks:)

Kate CP - posted on 02/15/2011




One thing at a time would be my suggestion. Pick which one you feel is more important at this time and try for that.

Karen - posted on 02/15/2011




i don't have advice for the co sleeping as i've never done it, but as for the dummy, try cutting the end off of it and giving it to him. they don't like the feel of them and generally will give it up. tell him it's broken (if he has more then one do it to all of them so that if he looks for one that's not "broken" they will all be the same)

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