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Jaie - posted on 04/06/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter, Adriauna, is going to be three months old on April 12th. She has been sleeping in her crib with no problem since birth but recently after a few times of sleeping with me, she's clung to me. Sleeping in the bed with me is not the problem... The problem is what she does WHILE asleep. I have a standard queen size bed so I put her in the upper left by the wall and I sleep on the upper right and there is a nice amount of space between us. However, I have to wake up in the middle of the night to move her back over because she ALWAYS ends up right behind me with my shirt clenched in her little fists. I am worried because she is only two months and her crawling (I assume she crawls) to me seems a little creepy... And it always happens. I could even sleep at the other end and she still finds me without problem. Sometimes she will stretch out in the middle of my bed and leaves little to no room for me... Has anyone else experienced this or anything like this? And how can I make her and myself comfortable at the same time?


Ria - posted on 04/06/2015




I laughed a little bit when I first read this because I know just what you are talking about! I recommend that you reflect upon whether you will want to sleep comfortably through the night soon. My son is now 20 months old (always co slept) and I finally had to give and put him in his crib. My oldest (now 10) was also like this. I think your baby may just be a cling-on much like my boys. What I started doing (because I still like snuggles) is laying with him at nap time and letting him nap in my bed and reading and snuggling in my bed at bed time before putting him in his crib.

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