Cochlear Implant and speach development

Billy - posted on 03/17/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son was implanted (bilaterally) with Advanced Bionics CI when he was 1y9mths. He is now 3 and I would like to know any tips you moms can give a dad to help foster speech development. My son does say a few words his favored is STOP, NO accompanied with the sign (his little brother 1.5yrs is picking up on the stop sign, it is very cute).
My son just started pre-school (I wanted him to go to a school for the deaf but the public schools refused and I do not have the money to fight them in court, his IEP is horrible but I had no choice the school said accept it or he will not be admitted)
Anyway, I was hoping some of you fellow parents can give me some information about how your child began to talk, how long after the CI was activated did he/she begin talking and any tips on fostering speech. I am taking the speak and sign approach but I only have a sign language book to go by. I had a very bad experience with earlier intervention, lost of promises but no actions (they could not get me a sign language tutor because there are non living close enough, they could not find any play groups with other CI kids, and the lady rarely worked with my son she was more interested in socializing (talking about herself) then in working with my son). I am terrified that my son will be forgotten and pushed aside. I am also concerned because the teaches do not seam to want to talk to me about him whenever I try to talk to her it is always, I too busy right now we can talk later. When I try to set up an appointment with the teacher the response is, we can talk after class. It is an endless loop of I'm too busy for you after class followed by a we can talk after class.


Sarah - posted on 03/17/2016




As a school nurse I am concerned that your school is not sending him to a classroom with a special speaker system to work with is implant and won't find a school that has one. I have to speak to the hearing itinerant to find the name of the system. Demand a revision of the IEP, that is your right. Ask for a speech pathologist or aide to sit with him, speaking and signing everything. Where do you live that your school system is so resistant. here is a link to the speech, language and hearing association.

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