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Kim - posted on 05/25/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am a mother and a registered nurse, but this does t make me an expert; however I think I know when someone is enabling thief child to behave the way they do. I baby sit a 5 year old high functioning autistic boy. His mother is constantly making excuses for his behavior. He is very overweight and very very sedentary. We will take him to the park and all he wants to do is sit there and not do anything. Or there will be a million and one toys to play with and he will cry because the tv is not on. When he is at home, he doesn't get disciplined or put in time out for his behaviors. His mother is constantly doing everything for him. He is very very capable of doing things on his own such as putting his shoes and socks on and changing his clothes, I know this because I make him do these things when he is with me. But he will actually sit there and cry because I tell him to put his shoes on, not because he doesn't know how but because he doesn't want to do it himself he wants me to do it for him. He is also not potty trained not because he can't understand it but because his mother would rather put him in diapers and change him than take him to the bathroom. The mother sits around on her butt when she is home from work and doesn't keep herself active and she herself is also overweight. I am concerned for this child because his mother is allowing him to be lazy and putting his health at risk by allowing him to sit in front of a tv all day everyday and he is very very overweight... He is also very violent with other children his age and because he is so big he doesn't realize his strength and he is often hurt children half his size. My 3 year old son is 35lbs and this child is 70lbs and every time I tell his mother of his behavior ( he actually picked my son up off the ground and threw him) she says it's because he's autistic and he doesn't know what he's doing... And he knows exactly what he's doing and the. She gets upset with me that I put him in time out. I love this little boy as does my son and he loves coming over to play with us, but I am at the point that if his behavior doesn't change and his mother keeps making excuses for him I'm going to have to ask her to find another sitter. I'm becoming concerned for my and my sons safety as he has even punched me in the face before. What should I do?


Amy - posted on 05/25/2014




Honestly the way you describe the child and his mother I'm not sure why you continue to watch him. I know you say you love him but you didn't list one quality or trait about him that you loved.

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