colic baby needs to wear clubfoot brace.desperate for advice...

Ann - posted on 03/06/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




from the time we brought him home from the hospital he had been really gassy and crying a lot. Being first time parents my husband and i didnt know what was wrong. At first we thought he was only irritable and crying all the time because of his clubfoot casts (he got it ro correct his clubfeet when he was just 3 days old). Later on his pedia diagnosed him with colic. Everyday is awful. He has this whole day colic with no time like the others. He would cry when he is awake as ong as he is not feeding and would not be soothed whatever we try to do. The doctor put him on probiotics, changed his milk to novalac ac, feed him smaller amounts (80ml every 2 hours) burp him at least 15 minutes after feeding, keep him upright during and at least 30 minutes after feeding, vibrating rocking chair, pacifier, swaddling, shushing... We have tried almost everything nothing seemed to work and if some of them worked it would only be temporary and just for a short period. To complicate things he has clubfeet and he just got his braces 3 days ago. It is a nightmare. Its so hard to keep him in his braces. Hes kicking a lot, so much so that he keeps getting out of his braces. He hates it. He is so uncomfortable with his colic before the braces arrive and now i feel like he has to deal with another discomfort when he can barely cope with one. The same goes for me and my husband. I mean we both love our son very much. We had been waiting for him for such a long time and I feel like colic is stealing this first months from us. I just want to make my baby as comfortable as I can but there are days when I just feel like pulling my hair and crying my eyes out. Today would ve one of those days.Any advice with dealing with colic and how to care for a baby with clubfoot braces would be really appreciated.

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