colic baby never seems happy

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she's a month old and seems to be very upset, she's slightly colic she cries most of the time she's awake and when she's not crying she just seems very serious I don't know if it's something I'm doing wrong I always tend to her needs and she doesn't seem gassy or anything but has anyone else experienced this with their baby? It's very stressful and upsetting to me I don't know what to do


Elfrieda - posted on 02/26/2012




My son was also colicky and very serious. When he wasn't screaming his head off, he would look around with a very wrinkled forehead and stare at everything.

Personally, I think it just means he's smart, and your baby is the same! :)

Don't worry, my son is not like that anymore. He still watches everything very carefully, and heaven help you if you once open a container, he sees how you work the baby gate, or stirring coffee, because his little brain is watching and figuring, and next time you look around, there he is doing it all by himself!

But starting around 6 months he got jollier, and now (at 26 months old) he's extremely cheerful most of the time, not whiny, not clingy, not angry. Compared to other toddlers, he's totally easy. I would never have believed that the baby and the toddler are the same person!

I think that babies are colicky for a reason. Something hurts, and until that is resolved over time or through medication (my son didn't have anything diagnosable so we just had to wait it out, he stopped crying all the time at 3 months), of course the poor thing is going to be grumpy.

A mistake I made was to rock and get in my son's face and show him bright lights to try to distract and comfort him, but thinking back, I think he was over-stimulated and over-tired, and what he really needed was some quiet time in a dark room.

It's hard to see your baby unhappy and feel like a terrible mom for not being able to comfort her, but just keep doing your best and she'll get better eventually! Just because she's crying doesn't mean you're a bad mom. It will get easier.

Brianna - posted on 02/26/2012




my daughter was the same way. i had to stop breastfeeding and find the right formula for her to be happy. (good start formula was the best) also have u tried baby wearing? like better some kind of sling they say it really helps with colicy babys i didnt no this at the time but i bought a ring sling to use with the next baby


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Thanks so much for all the advice! My aunt said that mylicon worked really well so I may ask my doctor if I can use that for her.. I'm just going to continue to believe she's serious because she's an intelligent baby just trying to figure out the world lol the most important thing is that I just want her happy and comfortable!

Brittney - posted on 02/26/2012




Some baby's like to be bounced or rocked gently, you could try swaddling her in a blanket, singing softly to her.

Katherine - posted on 02/26/2012




Even though she doesn't "seem" gassy she could have acid reflux. Don't put her down right after a meal. Sit her up for at least half an hour. Try putting a rolled up towel under her mattress so she's elevated. Try Mylicon, it saved my life. Make sure she is totally burped. Mine cried all the time too.

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