Colic Cures

Rebecca - posted on 03/03/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hi moms! I wanted to post something my husband and I discovered when our baby became colicky. We researched the internet for days and found hundreds of suggestions. All of which we tried, nightly. My pediatrician suggested we try many different tricks but ultimately they would just keep us busy while we waited this period out. Ultimately, the tincture of time was the best cure.

That being said, one night my husband kept our son, 4 weeks, in the warm bath after he was finished washing and let the warm water from the faucet run over his body and head. He also gave him some warm water from the tap. After 10 minutes our son was totally relaxed and when I put him down he didn't fuss at all an slept like the dead. We are now doing what we call "baby hot tub" every night and it works like a charm.

I just wanted to share becuase I now know that colic can and will drive you insane and I wanted to help anyone else who was experiencing it.

Good luck!

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