Colic, fever, impacted wisdom tooth...

Nicole - posted on 09/10/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




Maybe it's just a little support that I need. Idk.
My newborn (1month) is showing signs of colic, crying unless he's being held/rocked, etc...
My toddler (2-1/2 years) is running fever, cranky, whining unless he is being held/rocked.
I have an impacted wisdom tooth. I can barely open my mouth without excruciating pain and constant headaches (unable to see the dentist until Thursday, and even then he can't do much besides scheduling an extraction).
Hubby works offshore, so he isn't home for another 14 days.
Trying to figure out how I will even make it through an extraction (he will need to take all 4 wisdom teeth, plus probably one more tooth that is causing overcrowding). How on earth will I go through surgery and then come home to care for two little ones(not to mention having to pay for all this). I know it's not impossible, but I am beyond stressed right now. Ugh! Worried about my little one getting whatever his big brother has also. Let the praying being!

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