Colic/ major gas

Tara - posted on 01/03/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




7 month old has had colic & seems to be at peek with it. He has always been VERY gassy & is constantly pushing out "man farts"! He never sleeps longer than an hour at a time. From birth-2 months old he was put on Enfamil Gentle-ease formula then from 2months-currently he has been on Enfamil Nutrimagen. Dr's say different things...for sure they all agree he has colic and is at peek, but they changed his formula from the Hypoallergenic/anti-colic formula to now being on Soy. The dr's also tell me that he will grow out of it....thats fun to wait for...He has been on solids since he was 3 months old and he eats well and is very active and was crawling at 6months old and now he is pulling up and walking while holding things. I would think with him being so active 24/7 that he would work out all his gas and would sleep amazing. His 4 other siblings keep him busy as well and all of them,except for my first child who is exactly like him with colic/not sleeping, sleep well as baby's. I've tried to not feed him when he wakes up screaming every 45-hour of night, tried forcing a paci (every single make lol), tried thumb, tried 3 different sleep training routines: putting in bed awake, he cries and u go in not saying anything and calm w/o picking up and leave and repeat after different spans of time(he stands up screaming and eventually falls hitting head on crib rails), tried to just let him scream it out (he never stops!!! longest i could stand it was 70min and then id calm him and repeat....i had to put him in pack n play so he wouldnt keep hitting head on rails when he would fall from jumping while screaming, and i even spent over $150 on--sleep sense by Dana Oberman)--I'm going crazy and feeling helpless for my little guy. All these training things i gave each one 10 days to try out, except the screaming it out for 70min at a time; i only did that for 2 days. i couldnt stand it and we were both crying zombies! I've tried all kinds of gas relief drops, gripe water, etc. Please someone send some helpful advice or special remedies to help with issues!!! :)

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