College Daughter woes.

Melissa - posted on 11/21/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hi I have a daughter that is just finishing her first freshman semester at college. She is a very good student and because of this we decided to pay for her to live on campus even though we live only 10 minutes away from her University. We have paid for everything regarding her schooling with the understanding that she would find a part time job to help offset costs. The problem is she has hardly looked for a job and has every excuse she can think of for why she is too busy. She has loved her independence and understandably does not like to be called by her younger siblings or her parents. Ouch but understandable. Since she is in the same town I like her to come home for dinner once a week to which she usually postpones because of activities at school and to be with her friends. even when she does come home it can never be for more than a couple hours because she needs to get back for something or other. I feel taken advantage of as a parent. She uses our money even to buy things for her friends. The last time she was here her little brother tried to hug her and she was just annoyed. She was NEVER like this before. It is Thanksgiving in a couple of days and several extended family activities she has declined to attend because she wants to be with her friends. Time after time this has caused me real heartache with her lack of desire for us in her life. I have told her 3 different times regarding finding a job that if she didn't find a job by the end of the semester that she would be comming home. I really thought that would motivate her but she just cries and tells us she is just too busy. Yet she still has plenty of time for her friends. Am I overreacting? Am I being too sensitive. I do not even want to invite her to anything anymore because she will just come up with an excuse and I definately take it personally when it is just to be with friends.

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