College honor student falls from grace


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Ev - posted on 07/29/2013




You have said it in a nut shell. THere is not much you can do after she is 18 and moves out. But I would not give her the option of getting back into the house again. SHe has made her choice and needs to learn from it. At least for a little while. And you never know, she may just return to school.

Denise - posted on 07/28/2013




Last year at this time my beautiful daughter was preparing to enter the honors college at OSU, she met a boy right before she left and commuted back and forth on the weekends an hour each way to stay with him in his off campus housing at another college, so she missed out on the college experiences had she stayed on campus. She decided not to return to OSU the following year got fair grades but not enough to stay in the honors forward to today, got a summer job working at a store in the mall, met a new boyfriend who is a high school drop out, lives at home, works part time, no drivers license....she is living at home, hardly lifts a finger although it is supposed to be otherwise, has anything she could need. She is going to attend a closer college and commute, OK...but then, oh by the way I'm gonna get a place with boyfriend and a couple other people. She dresses down, smokes and thinks that these people are "REAL". I'm afraid that if she moves out she will drop out of school, but I can't stop her and I can't enable her.

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