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My 20 year old daughter is in her Junior year at a college 4 hours from home. She has a 16 year old sister whom she misses terribly. The problem is older sister has always treated younger sister like she was her second mother. I've always been a stay at home, so this was never necessary but it was just what happened. Now older daughter is mad because little sis is getting to do all the high school fun stuff and she's missing out on everything. When she comes home she's judgey and rude and causes nothing but trouble with little sis. I don't know what to do. Older daughter is a great person with the biggest heart and loving personality, except with her sis. I know there's jealousy but good gravy she causes so much drama. She's coming home for the summer and I'm a wreak thinking of what it's going to be like! I've talked to her, and her and my husband agree that it's my fault that little sis is over sensitive and myself and little sis need to relax. Little sis is very sensitive, but she hates being judged and ridiculed at every turn. Anyone have similar trouble? What are some suggestions?


Raye - posted on 03/12/2015




Just calmly and respectfully tell the older daughter that she is legally an adult and she needs to start acting like one. She is having experiences in college that her younger sister doesn't get to share with her, and the younger sister is going to have experiences that the older one doesn't get to share. They should be happy for and supportive of one another. If your older daughter can't behave, then maybe she needs to get a summer job or something to keep her occupied and out of her sister's hair. If she still can't treat her family respectfully, then maybe she should enroll in summer classes and stay at school.

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