Colton is 5 years old he has anger issues

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He gets very angery if the computer goes off line...He trys to hit me .....I tell him I am about to spank and he comes down a bit. Colton reads second grade level, an about that in spelling ,but refuses to do things like put his own shoes on,,,,,,He is 5 years old....I thik he is a bit spoiled....He will sometimes stomp a toy and look at me like he expects me to do something . I tell him it's not nice...What should I do?????????


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Ev - posted on 09/08/2013




I agree with Michelle. You should have started this a lot longer ago than now. Reason being for this anger is because he expect things and when it does not happen like he wants, he hits things, stomps toys, hits you. You need to set those limits now if you want to gain the upper hand and have him understand that you are the parent and he is the child. You need to set the rules so he can understand them. Do not make them to high of an expectation. Set time frames for him on the computer or none at all. At five he does not need to be on it much anyway. If he breaks or stomps toys throw them away and make sure he understands that you will not replace it. Once he has lost a few toys this way, he will learn he has to play with what he has. You can also take some priviledges away at this age as long as it goes with the thing he has done. Set a timer too when you want him to use something for just so long.

Michelle - posted on 09/08/2013




Well threatening to hit him isn't teaching him anything good at all. It's teaching him that if he's frustrated, to hit something. Think about it, He tries to hit you so you threaten to hit him, doesn't make sense.
You need to stand your ground and lay down some rules. The simple things are not giving in to what he refuses to do like putting his shoes on. My 3yo refuses but I just tell her she can and walk away. If you're not there to give a reaction they soon realize they can do it themselves and will because you aren't there.
When he stomps on a toy, get him to put it in the bin. If he wants to break all his toys then he can throw them away.
You have to teach him that YOU are the parent and he has to live by your rules.

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