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Grace - posted on 01/14/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




What are your thoughts and experiences regarding combination feeding. My little girl is 15wks old and from day 6 I have been offering her breast and topping her up with formula. I find when she is at the breast for hours I just can't seem to give her enough to satisfy her. Even though this is happening I haven't given up offering her the breast. I really enjoy it, I do with though that there was more I could offer but it's just not happening. The formula is a life saver and is the main source of food at the moment to settle her. I am also taking Donperidone tablets to help with the supply if my milk. I have tried weaning myself of these as I didn't like the idea of having to take tablets. In doing so I noticed a huge drop in milk supply & my daughter would only spend minutes on the breast rather then a good 1/2-1hr. So I am continuing them and will for as long I need to which is 2 tablets 3 times a day.


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Grace, you do as needed for both your own health and well being and baby's as well.

Katy, she is not depriving her child of nutrition. For every "breast fed babies are healthier" story, I can show you a child who was formula fed who's just as healthy or healthier in some cases than breast fed babies. Case in point, my two kids who are high on the IQ scale, were NOT ill as children, have very rare instances of illness as HS aged and older, and have been healthy, happy, and independent their entire lives. And mine are grown, so I have a better perspective from the other end of the child rearing process.

Katy - posted on 01/14/2014




I know it is hard and many people frown upon it. I know from wives tales and experience that if you breast feed him, besides having to eat well yourself you are giving your baby antibodies very necessary for... LIFE. He will be a more independent, healthy and happy person in years to come. I experienced it with my first child, I didn't breast feed him because I didn't have milk and he has had a lot of allergies and colds and the normal infirmities. With my second child I could breast feed her and she never got an allergy, has not EVER gotten a stomach ache or upset stomach or diarrhea, she is now 9 years old. She is the most healthy person I know. I have not had to take her to the doctor once except to get her vaccines that are required, because I do not give them anything else.

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