Combining Sibling's Birthday Parties... Yea or Nay?

Elicia - posted on 04/24/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




So I'm planning ahead for my two youngest children's birthday parties and since I've ALways combined our two oldest children's birthday parties I thought it would be appropriate if I combined the younger twos (partially to make it fair).. The older children's b-days are Dec. 3rd (9yr old boy) & Dec. 6th (5yr old girl). The youngests are June 20th (4yr old girl) & July 4th (1st birthday boy). I know many of you will agree with my mom's opinion, which is: "no way! It's baby's 1st birthday! You Have to celebrate them separately or he'll get overlooked". But my main concern is that it's the last week of school for my kids and many of the families showing up will be able to be there on that particular Saturday. So I've found myself tied between two opinions, mine & my mother's!
I have to put the order in for the cake now (because I'm not a baker! Lol) and the quaint little place I chose is booking up now for weddings & graduations. So I'm finding myself looking at icing colors with a blank stare and wondering if? If what? I don't know... I can't think, I'm having a mental block, ..... Could you help shed some new light on all this?


Anna - posted on 04/24/2012




I agree that your 1 year old won't care, but what about the four year old? I would definitely ask her/his opinion, because the older child's feelings on the event should matter. My mom and her younger sister were really close in age and had birthdays that just days apart, so they often got combined parties. It didn't bother her much when she was young, but as she got older (school age) it really started to irk her. If your 4 year old is amenable, then I'd say go for it!

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I honestly would combine, your baby isn't going to remember the first party. You could still do two separate cakes, maybe do different flavors for each or do a very small version so the baby has there very own cake to destroy. I say save the big parties for when they're actually going to remember them.


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Stifler's - posted on 04/24/2012




I would have separate cakes but the same party if you're inviting people who will travel. If it's just a morning tea fairy bread style party then I'd do separate parties.

Elicia - posted on 04/24/2012




(I just realized I posted on the wrong page) Yes, that is what I was thinking! A separate cake for bb to smash! Lol
The older one is fairly easygoing. She was a preemie, so we completely "Showered" her with on-on-one attention but to the point of I really didn't want to over-do it for her so-to-speak. Especially if her sister (18m older) has shared her b-day w/ Her brother since she was born.
Exactly, bb won't remember! That's what I was thinking... Before I talked to my mom, then I got confused.
I agree things'll change as they get older, plus things can become more individualized as they get older. As it is my 9yr old was still willing to share this year...his sugestion too, to make things easier on mom & new bb. I kept it going as long as I could, but next year will probably be the first separate party I've ever done for them...tisk, tisk such a shame b/c those birthdays r only THREE days apart! Too much.
Back to the topic at hand, I'm thinking I will have a mommy, daddy & siblings celebration for the 4th of July with bb :) making for good memories to come :)
Thank-you for helping clear my head!!! :D

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