combo classes in elementary schools

Noemi - posted on 07/29/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




i have a kiddo starting second grade, the principal just notified me that he will be moved to a 1/2 combo class, I am terrified that he wall fall behind, I am new to all of this and have little information on how it works.. Does anyone have any comments about this topic that would like to share with me?


Ev - posted on 07/30/2014




I actually did this when I got into fifth grade. I had the same teacher through until seventh grade. But the school changed things up and we had individual teachers in 7th and 8th. But they also set it up for us to change classes in those grades so we would be more ready for high school.

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Very common in schooling today. If your son is going into 2nd grade, and will be in a 1/2 room, he's going to be on the older edge. Combined classrooms allow younger students who wish to move at a quicker pace to do so, but if an older student needs more individualized attention or to move along at a more comfortable pace, they're still not going to be 'behind'.

My eldest did it in 3/4 & 5/6. Stellar results. It also allows the teacher to stay more in tune with the kids because they have them for 2 years running.


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