Common warts that will not go away after years of doctors treatment.


Brennan - posted on 10/04/2011




My daughter developed a wart on her elbow around age 9. I started treating the wart at home with over the counter wart meds and it didn't help at all. I brought her to a dermatologist that froze off the wart. About 4 mths later it came back. I brought her back and he froze it again. The wart came back as a bunch of small little warts in the shape of a circle around where the origional wart was. The doctor froze it again and gave her Carac cream to apply. It still came back brought her back her froze again said was nothing else he could do other than staying on top of freezing them as soon as they popped up. I started getting concerned not only because they kept coming back, but started multiplying. I brought her to a new doctor who scrapped them off and said that should do it, but it didn't. Brought her back to new doctor and scrapped again and gave her imuquid cream to apply, but came back. Now doctor suggesting to keep using imuquid and leave them alone due to the scar tissue. She has an area on her elbow a little larger than a quarter full of warts. Two years later she is now 11. It's awful and she is so embarrassed. Do you have any suggestions for me to help her?

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hi i feel so bad for you. Did you try a medicine called cantharidin !% my daugters dermatologist used it on her mullosucum and it worked there in the same family as warts . It makes the skin form a blister so the body will go to that earea an heal it. Good luck

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You could try alternative home treatments. I found a couple of links to the two most effective home treatments:

I have used both methods and they do work, you just have to be consistent with the treatment. I used the alternative methods because I had a plantar wart on the sole of my foot that kept coming back and I was tired of having it frozen off only to have it come back. Once it was gone using the methods above (I had a second wart pop up so I tried a different method since I didn't have duct tape that time) and I haven't had a wart since.

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