Concealed Penis after son was circumsized, advice.

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This may sound strange but after my son was circumsized his penis seems to have retracted back into his body. When he was born it was not like this. When you look at him all you see is his testicles and a puckering of foreskin where his penis is (nothing hangs out at all, it is totally flat where his penis should extend). If you push on his groin lightly his penis will come out so you can clean it, but then it pulls itself back into his body. None of this started happening until about 3 weeks after I had him circumsized, before that all looked normal. He does not have any hernias and is not an obese baby.

This is my 1st boy, I have no idea what to expect, but this just doesn't seem normal to me. My doctor is blowing me off telling me that this is totally normal & it will go away on its own. Right now I am fighting to get a 2nd opinion from a peds urologist.

Does anyone else know any thing about this, or has your son had this problem & it resolved on its own.


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Iridescent - posted on 01/06/2011




This is a fairly common complication of circumcision. It might go away on its own, or it might require surgery when he is older. As long as you're able to visualize it by pressing next to it, it's not necessary. But it is directly related to being circumcised, as are many other complications.

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