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Hello, Im Ashley Robinson and I am a proud mother of a beautiful 2 years old girl. Her biological father hasnt been in the picture from her birth and I got married to this man 1 year ago. My daughter and my husband has an amazing relationship and she does call him daddy but my main concern is when she I tell her that he is not her biological father? Do I ever tell her? And How do i feel her without breaking that spec8al relationship they have. Please help!!!


Sarah - posted on 06/06/2014




You tell her now. If you wait then you will be one of those people who are writing say my child is 10 or 16 and how do I explain or her bio dad wants contact and how do I tell her. If you tell her now it then becomes no big deal. You are not going to break any bond because she only knows the one she now has. It is just the fact and at 2 yrs old she is not going to comprehend what that means. But by tell her now makes it out in the open and something that is not shameful. It just is what is. Then as she grows you keep the conversation open. You don't have to talk about it daily, but do talk about it so she can understand it and ask questions. At first what you share is very simple. As she gets older and comprehends more and asks questions then explain keep it age appropriate. If you keep it a secret it never ends up staying that way and many times they learn it from an outside person. She then loses trust in you and both you and your husband's relationship with her is put at risk.

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