concern on babys circumcised penis

Bobie - posted on 04/15/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




i just want to get some tips/feedback on whats the proper way of cleaning/caring a circumcised son is now 9months old.i have heard different tips on how to clean it from doctors & dad.some told me not to retract the skin/some told me to retract it.i havent retracted the skin for a while ow every time i clean him.just recently,i started doing it again to seeif theres any smegma underneath & clean it.....but my son seems not to like me retracting the skin & he would push my hand away every time.i dont know if its painful or hes just uncomfortable. i am scared that maybe the skin is stuck or something...what should i do????


Bobie - posted on 04/15/2010




my son is CIRCUMCISED...the skin im talking about is not the foreskin...its because the head of his penis tends to be covered by the skin that Breeyan above mentioned (the skin below the "mushroom" head)..i tried to pull it down to expose the head & clean it & he seems uncomfortable with it. i showed it to my hubby & he said it looks normal. but i still feel that something is not right....

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Hi All,
I see this is an old post but I saw this issue a lot when researching circumcision for my son and still see it on forums now. I would be interested to know if all your sons penises did come out to look like normal circumcisions? and if any had problems because the skin covered the end?
We had our son circumcised 3 weeks ago using the gomco clamp. I was worried it would remove too much skin but that's all our hospital uses and its what my husband thinks is the best to use. My son is healed good now and I am impressed with the result. The gomco clamp ensures that the skin is cut behind the head from the day its cut and wont allow the skin to cover the end to hide or be a innie lol like described here which I think is caused by other circumcision clamps.
BTW..My husband still has a innie like this when hes not aroused haha :) because he was circumcised loosely when he was 16 yr old and that is why he wanted our son to have a more full style circumcision. We would both be interested to know about other parents experiences and hope all your sons are fine...thanks and take care xo

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I can only tell you from my experience...we didn't retract, and should have...part of his skin re-adhered (sp?) to his penis, and so we had to take him back in...the doctor then had to pull it back. It was pink, a bit bloody and chapped...we used vasoline to help keep it slick until it healed....from then on, we retracted slightly to clean away any diaper debris, which there almost always was some.

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My Dr. constantly is reminding me to never pull back the foreskin(my son is uncircumsised). Like Becca said around 5 years old it doesn't retract. Leave it as is. When they are in the tub the water will get in there and clean it as necessary.


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Rochelle - posted on 01/18/2013




Google buried penis... My doc just told me my Sonya have this we have a refferal for a urologist. My son is circumcised.

Breeyan - posted on 04/15/2010




okay, i know the post says CIRCUMCISED, however, what it sounds like your explaing is an UN-circumcised. (as in, still has the foreskin) i'll go over both, just incase it was a typo.

if your son still has the foreskin, be sure to pull the skin back, and clean it. (he'll act a little irriated with you messing with it, because its sensitive, because the skin still covers the head of the penis, making it more sensitive than the average non circumcised male. you never want to pull the skin back TOO far, because it does hurt if you pull it back too far. however, you do want to make sure that you clean around the head of the penis well, to avoid your son getting any UTI's. (Which become more prevalant in males who are not circumcised)

my husband isnt circumcised, and he does still have his foreskin, and ive actually had conversations with him about this. he does pull it back daily, and washes the head of the penis daily, if you don't it starts to irritate the male, as well as the skin (the head of the penis) and if you don't clean it, and bacteria gets in the urinary tract, again, that bumps up the risk of a UTI. no fun

in a circumcised male (one who does NOT have the foreskin) you still want to make sure you clean well around the head of the penis, even though the risk of UTI's arent as high, its still a possibility. baby will act fussy/sensitive and push your hands away (mine still does this and he's 18 months old) its more er less out of a privacy matter for him, he doesnt like people cleaning him off, he's in the "i'm a big kid i got this" thing goin' on for him. ...but, you still need to make sure you clean under the head of the penis where the skin folds up under (its sort of like the fold of the mushroom) if that makes sense to you.

Karen - posted on 04/15/2010




years ago people were told to pull it back, in fact, it was being done before baby even left the hospital - it's now been shown that it's not necessary because doing that before the skin is ready can cause little tears that can be painful and get infected. as little boys get older and "discover" themselves then the skin will become ready on it's rare cases the skin will never be able to be pulled back and it will be taken care of by your dr. my dr told me to just wash over it with a soapy face cloth and that there are natural oils in the skin that will keep it clean until it is ready to pull back

Becca - posted on 04/15/2010




I was told that a baby's skin doesn't retract until they are around 5 years old and that before that it can be painful to try to retract it.

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