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My daughter is 22 months old and 18 month old clothes are still big on her. I'm not sure of her weight at the moment, but at her 18 month check she was below the 1st %tile for height and weight. The Doctors have never shown concern and she's always been small but...should I be worried? Her Dad and I are both on the smaller side, but our growth rates were very average as infants. Anyone else have a small child? =]]


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Iridescent - posted on 10/01/2010




Being that small, you can reasonably request Growth Hormone testing (to see if she's making enough). If she isn't, it will prevent growth, but it can be corrected if done young enough (so NOW). There are some genetic problems that can cause being very small as well, and generally they cause it by restricting the production of growth hormone as well, although not all of them are due to this.

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is the dr checking to see if she is growing on her own curve? my kids never made the chart but they did grow on a steady curve. if the dr is not concerned i would not be too concerned

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As long as she is continuing to grow and thrive.... I wouldn't worry about her size. My son at 2 was in the 25% percentile for weight and height. He's 27 pounds at 2.5 and can still wear 18 month shorts.

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were at the other end of the spectrum my son has been in 16-24 month clothing since 9 months, now at 15 months most stuff is 2T because he is so active he hasnt really gained any weight just keeps getting taller. The doc always told me he was healthy just some babies are bigger and some are smaller and majority all balance out once they grow older. My best gf was 16lbs at a year old she was 22lbs at 2 years old. Now at 28 she is 5'9 and 130lbs she looks amazing

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My 2 year 4 month old child still wears 18 month clothes. She typically falls into the 5th percentile. If your daughter eats, sleeps, pees, and poos fairly well, and she does grow (even if very slowly) then I wouldn't worry. Especially if the docs aren't worried.

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At my daughter's 12 month checkup, the doctor was worried about her weight. We decided to recheck in a month to see if she was just small or if I needed to consult a nutritionist. At her 13 month check up, she was still rather small and then the doctor realized something that neither of us had considered. Fallon (my daughter) had started walking at 10 months so by her 12 month check up she had mastered walking and moved on to running and climbing stairs. Since she was more active it didn't matter that I was feeding her 5 times a day plus snacks, she would just burn it off. If your daughter was breastfed she may be smaller anyway. Here's a link to a growth chart for breast fed babies and one for weight by height as opposed to weight by age

Medic - posted on 10/01/2010




I wish I could offer any help my 8 month old wears 18 month clothes...if you are concerned seek out another Drs opinion. I would think that as long as she is maintaining a constant growth whether it be 1%tile or 98%tile as long as her growth rate is the same then she is probably fine.

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