concerned about my 8 year old son's reading

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My son is 8 years old and he struggling with reading. I notice in Kindergarten he didn't know all his letters and we continued to work on them. His teacher advised that he is still learning and it's was ok. On to first grade, early in the school year, I express my concerns to his first grade teacher at which time she stated he would be fine. As the school year progress, I notice he was not fine. I addressed her again and asked about after school tutoring that they were offering at his school. She said she didn't feel he needed it. I checked with the front office at the school regarding tutoring and was advised they would have his teacher get in touch with me. The next day she said she would allow him to attend the after school tutoring program. He continued to struggle, but at the end of the school year his 2nd grade teacher said he was on grade level reading. I didn't agree because I work closely with my child to assist him with his homework and he was struggling. I decided to enroll him in Huntington Learning Center for tutoring from April throughout the summer ending in August. On to 2nd grade, two weeks into school at the back to school night, I spoke with his 2nd grade teacher expressing my concerns. A month later, my concerns were addressed with the Principal. This was the first time my concerns were really valued. My son was tested by the Psychologist, Reading specialist and various other tests they do to determine if he has any type of learning disabilities. The test revealed that he doesn’t have any learning disabilities. By the end of the school year, I was approached by the Principal asking if we thought about retaining him. I was afraid 3rd grade would be too much for him, but I don't want his self esteem to be affected by him being retained either. Although he's on a beginning 1st grade reading level, we decided against retaining him. We did hire a private reading tutor over the summer and I'm continuing to work with him at home. He's just starting 3rd grade, he's very excited and is trying really hard. I've already met with his teacher and she's aware of the situation. The Principal also updated her on everything previously stated. Once my concerns were addressed to the Principal of this school, the Principal became an advocate for my child. PLEASE help me with more suggestions of helping my son to reach his full potential. He's a very smart kid; happy boy with an affectionate smile. To meet him is to love him. Thanks you all for taking the time to read this letter and I welcome any and all suggestions.


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Lots of practice. That's really what it comes down to. If he has not been diagnosed with a learning disability, he just needs experience and practice. Most students who reach high school level with low literacy skills have not been reading on a daily basis.

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