Concerned about my daughter's behaviour!

Jessica - posted on 05/04/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




My 5yr old daughter started school this year, she will very excited but when she started she started wetting herself at school and home, She is telling the teachers stories that never happened (which can get me in trouble), she doesn't listen to me, I have another 2yr old daughter which she bullies at home, like hitting her in the head, pushing her around (Which only got alot worst when she started attending school), she bites other children and bullies them at school, she swears at me, and if i try and punish her by putting her in a room, she kicks the walls, screams and will hit anyone that try and stops her, swears and destroys the room, I've tried Rewards Charts, Positive Parenting and Parenting Class (both me and her father), I'm Pregnant with my third, and she is just getting out of hand, i just don't know what to do, I'm stressed over it, it has caused fights between me and her father, She does have her good days but mostly bad, I need my little girl back really, any advice on what I can try


Michelle - posted on 05/05/2012




this is not normal 5 year old behavior I would have her seen by a psycologist to get down to why she is doing these things. It could be that she has things going on in her little head that you don't know about and they are causing her to act this way and with counseling she may be able to learn how to communicate her feelings better and then get back to being your happy little girl.

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Well she must have learned the behavior somewhere and heard the curse words. Kids don't just know those things. I would step up set boundries and stick to them. She destroys her room.....everything in it comes out, just leave a bed and one weeks worth of clothing. Make her earn her room back.


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Jessica - posted on 05/05/2012




ill tried that, it doesn't bother her but both girls share a room, we took my youngest out of the room for a week to see how she would go, we believe the problem is from school, because it all started when she started school, and I have had the idea about taking her out of the school and putting her somewhere else but that involves moving towns or her catching the bus but because she is young I'm not comfortable with her catching a bus into another town and back, I don't have a license if something goes wrong and it would be for nothing if the behaviour just continues there (the school she is in at the moment, a large number of students have been pulled out already and if it keeps happening the school will close down due to lack of numbers, there is just under 30 students left), so far over that last week she was involved in two fights with the same student, I know the student she was fighting with is a trouble-maker (but I'm still unsure who was started the fights and do not want to point fingers), one of the student that was pulled out of the school was because of him making death threats (We are friends with student that was pulled out) and teachers are having trouble with him as well as other parents are complaining. My daughter does have set boundaries at home and we do stick them but the behaviour is not stopping, We have tried alot of things and we are just at a lost

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