Concerned about my son not talking alot yet.

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My son is 21 months old. He can say quite a few words and at his 18 months check up, I told the doctor he could say 15 words (give or take) and two two word phrases and she said that was really good. But then she said that between then and 2 years, he should be saying between 50 and 200 words. As I said, he can say a bunch of different words, but he never says the word first. He'll only repeat it when I say "Bryce says it." He won't say cup or water, even when he is thirsty and the most vexing is he still won't say mama, even though he loves saying dada. Actually come to think of it, if my husband is coming in the door or I get a text on my phone, Bryce says dada, before I say anything.

He can say: apple, all done (which was technically his first word/s), ball, bear, bush, big bush, duck, dada, baby, big baby, purple, banana, hey duck, strawberry, book, dog, bird, blue... I'm probably missing some. But like I said, he just doesn't come out and say them, I have to say it first. He also seems to be "stuck" on the b syllable. Whenever I tell him a word and say "Bryce says it" he'll try to say it, but use the b syllable to start the word.

When he was born, we were told his frenulum (sp?) was longer then normal and he might have problems with his speech and eating if we didn't have it snipped. We didn't have it snipped and he was able to breastfeed just fine, so we never thought it was a problem and when I did bring it up to his ped. later on, his ped. said that he can open his mouth wide and if he is eating fine, it shouldn't be a problem. But now I'm worrying if it might be affecting his speech. He won't be back to the doctor until his 2 year appointment, so I will bring it up then, but just wanted to hear some thoughts on that.

I never know if I'm doing enough with my son or if he is learning enough. I know I'm not the greatest teacher in the world. He only watches TV once a day and that is his Baby Einstein Sign Language DVD. He's been watching that for about 12 months almost every night (only because he will not watch any other Baby Einstein or any other learning video. He'll either start crying when he sees it is different or just not pay attention) but he hasn't picked up any signing yet. However, he can pick out colors for his box of cars or his chalk bucket. He picks up on things very fast, like the other day I was dipping my chicken nuggets in honey and he climbed up on my lap and grabbed a nugget and dipped it. He never really saw me or my husband dipping anything before or he never dipped anything, so I thought it was cute. One day I took him on a walk and took the shortcut home, the next day we walked the whole way but the day after he remembered the short cut and wanted to go that way. He remembers where the cars are parked on are street and when they are not there, he gets mad, then says bye bye car, because I tell him the cars went bye bye. So I don't think he is behind, but I am worried. I know he is more behind then the kids I know that are in day care. I don't know how to teach him the ABC's or his numbers if he won't talk yet. Or when I do start teaching him, do I just repeat it over and over? He loves for me to read to him so we do that daily. Or I try to teach him to say the different noises animals make, but again that doesn't really work, since he won't talk. Plus I'm not sure how to go about teaching him, since he won't just sit there and pay attention (I know, I know what kid does?). LOL He knows most of his body parts and can point them out on me, my husband or "big baby."

I don't know, I know I worry too much, but I can't help it. I don't want him to be behind. I was looking into a 2 day a week daycare, but my job (I only work weekends) could not promise me the hours I would need to put him in, so that fell through.

Thanks in advance for all the tips and advice.


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I'm not a professional, but it sounds like he's doing just fine. My three year old still has trouble forming some letter sounds, but she's within 'normal' range in her speech.

He's not even two yet, so I wouldn't stress about the abc's or numbers. Reading really is the BEST thing you can do to help your child learn. I'm not a fan or advocate of using flashcards, so I would point out letters in their natural settings (street signs, packaging) especially the first letter of my child's first name. I didn't think we were getting very far, but one day when she was about 2.5 years she 'magically' recognized about 5 letters. At age three she can recognize more than half of the letters, both upper and lower case. The same with shapes. Everytime we colored or played with sidewalk chalk I made a point to draw circles and triangles and talk about them, but not worry if she was 'getting it'. One day she got excited and pointed out a tile wall and said, "square". I hadn't been focusing on square, but she knew it! Kids learn by playing and doing, NOT by sitting still and having information shoved at them.

Here's a blog that I frequent with lots of good ideas and learning activities. Most activities are done with objects in your home, so they are free and FUN. (I can't get the blog to work today, I think the owner has been doing some updating and redesigning, so if it doesn't work, check back tomorrow!)

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