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Looking for some advice. My son (7 years old) has been picked on at school,because of his size. He is almost 5 foot and I wouldn't say overweight but very broad across the shoulders. He is an only child. The little boy that has been teasing him punched him fair in the face the other day so I ended up in the Principal's office to be told that the boy that punched him has Social behaviours. Why is this kind of behaviour allowed to be justified because of Social behaviours? My son struggles making friends as he has a really big heart and does not understand why he is not socially accepted. Can anyone please give me a little advice, not sure what to do as the boy that punched my son has family that works at the school also and I feel like I keep being brushed off.


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Thanks For your reply, my son does Squad Training for 1 1/2 hours on a Monday, Basketball on a Tuesday, Exercises with go for kids on a Weds and Fri, Thursday afternoon is the only day he does not do anything and then his dad takes him walking on the beach or to the skate park. He eats extremely healthy meals so I feel we are doing all we possibly can at this point in time.
I don't really know if there is a lot more we can do in this area.

Abby Dalisha - posted on 03/24/2014




Well... Nobody is perfect.. God made you in all shapes and sizes.... i'm over weighted and i like 23% Make fun at me at school This may not be advice but it's the truth (Fact) God can change people who make fun of your son if their skinny they can make them fat You can exorcise with your son after school or on weekends dont eat to much have fruits and vegetables Like in the morning get a small snack and go then go to your house get a little snack but look at how much fat it gives u give your son a limit and then have dinner as a family cook some healthy foods for your whole family Go to the gym or go to the park and run for like a month or 2 ☺

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