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after realising that im 2 weeks pragnent my boyfriend suggested that i should do arbotion but becouse i really wanted the baby i didnt do it,we broke up becouse i ddnt arbot the baby.He started telling his family and friends that im a bitch i cheated on him and fell pragnent,i realy got hurt becouse he was the only guy i was sleeping with and he is also the one who broked my the baby is born he came around,gave me cash to buy things for the baby and he is calling me every day and hour.Im confused i dont know what he is up to and what is hurting me most now is that his family and friends sees me as some kind bitch becouse of what he told thm.....what is he upto now?


Jodi - posted on 03/11/2016




He probably just wants a relationship with his child, and he is entitled to that. However, you don't have to put up with him calling you constantly. Probably time to file for custody, visitation and child support. Not sure where you live so I really can't advise what is the best way to go about that.


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Like Raye and Jodi suggest... don't worry about what he is or isn't up to. Just go to court to get custody, visitation, and child support all set up legally. Then there is no question on rights and responsibilities for either of you. What other people may think of you based on hearsay says a lot more about THEM than it says anything about you. Focus on your child and try to let the rest go.

Raye - posted on 03/11/2016




No matter how horrible he was to you, he is still the baby's father. As Jodi said, you should go to court to get legal custody for yourself and visitation set for the father. This will tell him exactly which days/times he is entitled to be with his child. You should speak with him only about the child, and the child's needs. You cannot give him time only when he pays you money. If you want child support, file for it through the court or the support enforcement agency in your area. Whether or not he pays, he still has rights to a relationship with his child.

Zanele - posted on 03/11/2016




Story of my life, am happy that you did not abort that child, move on with your life, and blv you me you not gonna regreat for keeping the baby, mine is now 7years old

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