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Hello. I am utterly confused and would like to seek from help without confronting my family. I'm 20 years old and my fiancé and I recently "did it" without any protection whatsoever. No birth control, no condoms, no plan B, no anything. Well here's my problem. I'm a stressful person. I've always been a stressful person, so when it comes to the time of month, it usually is off by a few days because of how stressed I am. I was suppose to get my period by either the 25th of August and it would have lasted till the 2nd of September or so OR I was suppose to get my period by the 2nd of September and it was suppose to last until the 7th. But my period never came. Worried, my fiancé and I bought a test and took it today, on the 9th. Granted it may have been too soon, the test came back negative. I've been showing signs of starting my period or a possible early pregnancy. But I am very confused and if anyone can make sense of this and get back to me, that would be great. I'd be grateful for your feedback. Thank you, everyone!


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Michelle - posted on 09/10/2016




If you were supposed to get your period on the 2 at the latest then being over a week late should register on the HPT.
Go and see your doctor if you are worried and don't have unprotected sex until you want children.

Jodi - posted on 09/09/2016




It could be too soon. Wait a few days and do another test. If you had sex with no protection, there is a reasonable possibility you are pregnant. Given you are "worried", I'm assuming you weren't planning a pregnancy - so sex without protection probably wasn't the brightest idea.

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