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My DSS tells his BM when he's over there that me and his BD force him to call "me, Mommy." DSS's BM is also asking him not to "call me mommy," anymore and she reminds him it hurts her and to cut it out..... I take more care for him than she could ever could anyway.....shes wanting DSS to come live with her because she just filed paperwork 2 weeks ago to get custody....of course we dont want DSS to leave. he already doesnt like his own BM.

Over here at our house my DH wants DSS to call me 'mom' just because i do more than his BM.

BM only see's him everyother weekend perhaps one mid dh just gives DSS that confused look after he calls me my real name , since my own bio's call me 'mom' he simply calls me mommy , but how can i help the fact that he tells his BM that we "force" him to call me "mom." when its clearly not the case.

My DH also doesnt call DSS's BM "mommy," when we talk about her, dh refers to her as her "real name," instead. When we call hiim at his BMs house we always ask " Did "BMs name " take care of you? What did you eat? What time did you wake up etc.

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Maybe he feels like you are forcing him to call you mom as his dad has asked him to? And when he calls you by your real name his dad 'gives that confused look' You aren't his BM and even though you feel you are more of a mother etc it doesn't mean he should call you mom. Mom is reserved for the mom only, well that's my opinion anyway!

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