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I have three kids with a man I was with for 14 years,he was never supportive of me and is very disrespectful as well. I used to cry,beg and plead for him to help me with my kids but he refused to so I stopped running after him and communicating with him cause it got now where besides the doctors,schools and everybody else speaks to me anyway since they always see me.My kids do spend time with him but the "parental responsibilities" is always left to me to do.He has moved on and now have a new born with his girlfriend who he lives with,my 15 year old moved out to live with him.He never told me and he was very disrespectful and non cooperative when I called him for her to come in custody court he told the referee that he always told me he would help me which was a lie,and he threw me totally under the bus in there.I have to turn my daughter SSI to him cause he was granted temp custody but Why is he portraying as if he has always been this supportive father since I stopped running behind him?


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Your ex has to prove tot he court that he has been a hands on father and prove also that he can look after your child as well as you. Unfortunately the child is old enough to ask the court to consider their view and they will carry a lot of weight on where they wish to stay. My advice is play by the rules and just wait it out. Your child will be back they are just rebelling against you. Stand back and just wait, your ex will screw up and you will be there to pick up the pieces.

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