Ella - posted on 07/19/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




Here is the deal....I have no children but I am trying to conceive even though it has only been 4 months that my boyfriend and I have been trying it seems as though we can't quite get gets me sad because I see all my sisters children playing and I am just the aunt which I love but I want children of my own. Any suggestions?


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Krystal-Tess - posted on 07/20/2013




i hated when i had baby fever. when i was trying to get pregnant with my youngest, i tried everything from sitting upside down for an hour, to fertility pills, to taking my temperature every morning, to getting my husbands sperm counted, and nothing worked. it got to the point where i was in tears every single month when Aunt Flo came to visit... finally after one year and two months of trying and crying, my husband and i decided to take a break from all the tracking and planning and pick it back up later.
The very next month, i got pregnant. my doctor told me later that stress could have been preventing me from conceiving.
My only advise is that it will happen eventually. i know people who had been trying for 6 years and it finally happened. Just dont stress yourself out (=

Candice - posted on 07/19/2013




Have you talked to a Dr? They may have tips on ovulation cycles and multi vitamins as well as other things that may help.

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