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So my son's dad has requested a dna, at first I agreed and.we proceeded with the csa but the more iv spoken to his father girlfriend has been come very abusive and son's father tends to get her to speak for him.. She has called my son a brat and been very nasty to us both.. My son's father tried to dictate to me saying she will be my son's step mother and her little boy will be his brother.. That's not what concerns me it's.more that she can be so nasty about my son and the fact that he allows it and doesn't bother to ask about our baby. And doesn't visit or contribute and that with how dismissive of his girlfriends he is would concern me for my son's welfare so I have denied the dna and said I'm not doing it and told him to not bother us again I don't feel he is good for my son.. So he has threatened me with social services and to take me to court... Does he have any grounds? Or Rights? He's not.on the birth certificate.


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He has every right to pursue this in court... as should BOTH of you. If he is, in fact, the biological father he will be given legal rights upon the positive DNA test. Now, what type of custody/visitation he is entitled to is dependent upon your particular judge. I recommend you get a lawyer and any evidence you may have... and get the court process started for custody, visitation, and child support.

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He's got every right to request a paternity test, and I would think that you'd rather have solid knowledge as well. He's also got just as many rights as you do to custody, support, etc. So, to answer your last question: Does he have any rights? YES HE DOES.

You don't have the right to refuse one. Nor do you have the right to refuse visitation based on "his girlfriend".

Get the test done. Then, when you have the proof, have your attorney request supervised visits, and counseling for the blend on the other end.

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