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I am a single mom of a lovely gal 2 years old. Broke up with her daddy 7 months ago. And he never came to visit her. Now out of the blue. He wants to take my child for a weekend to visit. Wen I refuse everyone says it's rong of me coz they bliv I am using. The child to get back @ him and that's not the case. My child does not even know his father. Still uses nappies. And can't talk clearly I am the only one who understand her. So how can I. Let her go to a stranger for a weekend. A day I can understand. I don't mind them bonding. That would be good for her.


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I totally agree with you. He has a right to get to know her but it should be while you are around to comfort the child. You don't want her to get scared at being with a stranger since that is what he is. Yes, he's her father but if she doesn't know him then he isn't a father. He is a sperm doner but he can work on earning the father title with you around before he can have her for a weekend.


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You need to get visitation in place. Go to court and get it all sorted out the right way.
In the meantime be very careful about not letting him see her as that could be brought up in court as parental alienation.
He's not a stranger, obviously he was around before you split up. Don't straight up refuse him seeing her, let him know that it would be better to reintroduce them slowly.

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