Confused and lost about my pregnancy? :(

Vanessa - posted on 07/15/2015 ( 4 moms have responded )




I have two boys ages 5 and 3 that i love so much , today i am 23yrs of age and a single mum. I've met a guy who i have only drank and hooked up with and he seemed so nice to me, but dont know much about him. i just found out a couple of weeks ago that i am pregnant, and i have told this guy and he seem to be avoiding my texts and calls , i have tried to get in contact but he has completly refuses to want to talk and understand about how i am feeling with this preganacy. I now feel stressed and confused on trying to decide if i want this baby or not ? i think of having an abortion and i think of not having an abortion and keep the baby? i dont know how to handle this situation. He has ruined my life and now im stuck with a descion all on my own. why is he ignoring the fact that i am pregnant and wont even talk to me about options? HELP ME!


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Sarah - posted on 07/15/2015




I agree with the others. You have to take responsibility for your choices and behaviors. As far as the abortion question no one can tell you what to do, but instead of killing a baby that did not choose to be in this situation why not look into adoption.

Jodi - posted on 07/15/2015




I'm not even going to say what I'm thinking. Sorry. I'm so SICK of hearing about this "hooking up with" thing. Sex is not a casual recreational activity. You have 2 children. What the heck are you doing going out drinking and "hooking up" with men on such a casual basis?

I'm sorry if that sounds harsh, but you can't sit there and blame him for this. You have also been completely irresponsible.

I'm done with my very short rant (believe me, it could have been longer).

Raye - posted on 07/15/2015




He seemed so nice, because he was getting what he wanted. You were his party-girl... drinking and having sex. He's ignoring you because now you're going to make him a father and have responsibilities. You already have two kids, so I assume you know where they come from. If you don't want more kids, you shouldn't engage in sexual activity. The time for sowing wild oats is gone, and you need to be a mother and be responsible.

I can't tell you whether or not to have an abortion. That is your decision. But if you choose to have the baby, go to court and get custody established for you and visitation for the father. Whether or not he chooses to follow through on that visitation is up to him, but it should be set up by the court as a protection so you both know what your rights are. Also file for child support. It does take two to make a baby, and he will have responsibility toward that child.

MaryAnn - posted on 07/15/2015




He has not ruined your life. Its a hard decision, and a hard one to make on your own. He has given you an opportunity. Its likely he's struggling, too. Give him a couple days to sort himself out.
set yourself up with a doctor to discuss, and make him aware of appointments.
Above all- give yourself some love and care. Even if he never comes around about it, he cant make you lose. You dont need him to make things right for yourself.

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