Confused and need advice ladies!!

Talisha - posted on 09/15/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




Okay so me and my daughter dad hasn't had the best of relationship every since I found out I was pregnant with her. I broke up with him when I was 7mnths pregnant. He was not involved in the pregnancy but always promised he would but never was. He promised to be there at my daughter birth but never showed up. He then called two weeks after she was born asking were I lived at and can he come see her. I wasn't really comfortable about letting him know my new address so I agreed to meet him at my oldest daughter school and we did. My baby who was only two weeks old at the time he looked in the car and asked if he can follow me to my house and spend some time with her and I lied and told him I wasn't going home. Okay so the next day he calls and texts me telling me he just wanted to do what was right and be a father to her and be apart of her life and I agreed and said that was fine but at the time my child father had been living from house to house and just started working a warehouse job and had no form of transportation so I invited him the next day to come to doc appt with us and he said he would come(following morning I get a call 2hours after her doc appt)telling me he had just got off work around 4am and that he over slept. Me being me gets angry and screams at him and calls him a liar. So two days after that incident he tells me that he was going to come spend some time with my daughter that following friday. So that following friday comes and he doesn't show up so I start to text him and he gives me yet another excuse(that there was a lot going on with his family and that when he came 2 see my daughter he wanted to have some money with him) I explained I didn't want his money and that his daughter needed his time which was way more important. So I texted him and said "don't contact me unless he's ready to be a father to her and that you can not send a boy to do a man job and that I was more of a father to her then he was"!! He really got pissed at what I texted him and replied that he was going to come that next Friday and I replied okay. Well the next Friday came I texted him saying "thanks for coming to see your daughter" which he never showed up 2 see her like he said he was...After that I never got a reply back from the text I sent.. no calls months after that I called and his number was disconnected. So before my daughter turned one I sent letters and pictures of her to his family member house I last known him 2 be staying at giving him my number and explaining that I wanted him to be apart of her life and I never got a call or response back..he knows im trying to put him on child support also but in the letter I told him I would drop it if he would just be apart of her life. Child support sent him a letter he called them and said it was a mistaken identity so CP agreed to send forms out for him to fill out so they could investigate and he never replied back to them so every letter child support sends him he never complies back to them.. okay my daughter is about to be two years old in October and I know where his family stays but Im not sure if they know about my daughter or not but I wanted to take my daughter over and introduce her to them and to try to reach out to him and give him a chance to be apart of her life because at the time I think both of us was in a bad place and I really said some messed up things to him that I feel like pushed him away from my daughter life but im confused and really want to know if anyone has experienced this same thing or if not what do you guys think I should do? My aunt stated she would go with me for support and she and I both think its best for my daughter to know who her father is...He doesn't have a number or address on me either....I offered him a paternity test in the past several times just to make him not have any doubts and he stated he didn't want or need one because he knew she was his daughter. ..ladies please help any advice would be great. Do you think I should take her over to his family house and introduce her to them or just leave the whole situation alone????

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