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My husband and I have been trying for over a year to conceive baby #1, I've been off of Birth Control for over 2 years.. I was on the needle for one year, then on the pill for one month. My doctor before he moved told me to wait 1 year or until my period regulated from my needle.
I recently went to the doctor for a pregnancy test. My period was almost 2 months late, and if I ate brown bread or crackers I'd get sick. My breasts hurt and I'd get dizzy.
My result was negative and the doctor asked if I had been previously on any birth control.. After telling him, he informed me that my body's reacting to the needle 2 years prior, and to wait a few months, but also to start taking prenatal vitamins if I wanted to conceive. He also said that it could be numerous other things but never explained what.
No one in my family has ever heard of this, and I'm very confused. My periods are still irregular, and I sometimes still get sick or at least feel like I am. Can someone tell me if it's possible that it's the birth control in my system or if I should go back to a different doctor?


Melissa - posted on 01/09/2011




Several years ago I went to the doctor because I was late and figured I was pregnant. I was also having all the signs. My doctor told me that the test came back negative and to wait a couple of months and see what happened. Needless to say I left his office and made an appointment with the ob/gyn office across the hall for the next week. Come to find out I had an ovarian cyst the size of a quarter that was causing all my problems. They ended up putting me on a birth control pill that took care of it in about 6 months. Sometimes doc's don't take the time needed to make a good diagnoses. Thank goodness I got a second opinion! Maybe you should check with someone else to be on the safe side. Also, I do know that it is a good thing to start taking the prenatal vitamins early. If they make you sick try taking 2 Flintstone Vitamins a day. When I finally got pregnant I had to take them because the prenatals made me very sick on my stomach. Hope this helps!

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I'm in Australia and when I went to my doctor to ask about the injection as a form of birth control she said that here they only recommend that for women that have finished having their families, because it can mess up your fertility for years. I would probably go back to the doctor and ask him to run a general hormone level screen on me and, since you have been trying for a year, ask if he will give you a referral to a fertility specialist. The fact that your cycle is still irregular is a good indication that you might still be out of wack from the needle but a fertility specialist might be able to get you back on track with hormone tablets or something. Good luck.

Jane - posted on 01/08/2011




I'd go to a different doctor. I've never heard of anything where a woman's body is reacting to the needle 2 years prior. Being irregular probably means that your ovulation is irregular as well. I had a very irregular period my entire life (I've since had a hysterectomy due to cancer) so I used ovulation kits, temperature taking and discharge changes to predict when I ovulated. And believe me, it was all over the map. Again, I would see another doctor and I would absolutely start doing ovulation kits and taking your temperature and graphing the fluctuation in temperature. If you don't know how to do the temp thing, look it's pretty easy. You do it every morning.

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I was told that red raspberry leaf tea and nettle tea by alvita regulate out hormones to help conceive. Your hormones could just have never been regulated after. Also eat really well and limit caffeine intake. It is possible to be pregnant and have had false tests. All the suggestions above [always check with doc, my naturapath said it's ok] are safe if pregnant. They add nutrients and help strengthen the uterus and can help regulate periods if you aren't pregnant. stress also plays a major role on hormones. Drink tons of water. It helps regulate minerals and vitamins in your body that contribute to hormone function.

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I agree with Tracey go back to the doctors and ask for blood work to be done. I had a similar problem when trying to conceive my daughter. I did not want to fall pregnant until the pill was out of my system so I waited for a natural period. It took well over a year for my periods to come back and then they were so irregular it was ridiculous. I went to see a specialist who told me to take folic acid and just to carry on trying to conceive. I fell pregnant within 3 months and had to have a dating scan as I had not a clue where I was in my cycle. I also had the swollen breasts and nausea even though I was not pregnant. Hormonal contraceptives can take years to come out of your system. Ask for hormone balance blood tests and ovulation tests to be done to see if there is any underlying problems. Good luck


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Angel - posted on 01/09/2011




Thank you all for you wonderful advice, and I think I will try a different doctor.. I was only 16 when I was on the needle and pills.. I'm now turning 20 next month and am more than eager to start a family with my wonderful husband.

Heather - posted on 01/09/2011




I would honestly get a second opinion. Or maybe even a third. Based on what you have stated, there are many different options that you can go through. Birth Control takes six weeks to get into your system or sometimes longer. and then it takes even longer to get it out of your system which is why they ask you if you have or are on birth control when you initially get pregnant.

Nazima - posted on 01/09/2011




birth control pills and IM injections would disturb ur menstrual cycle..for some, the menses would be normal in a month.while for others it'll take up to 1 yr ..u do have early pregnancy symptoms and i would suggest u to repeat the urine pregancy test and if its still negative, u cud check ur blood for B HCG..and if its negative, then ur most likely ur not pregnant...and yup, better get ur hormones checked if ur really planning to get pregnant :) all d best!!

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I know someone who couldn't get pregnant for 3 years after being off the depo shot.

Paula - posted on 01/08/2011




try a different doctor. i use dr. camejo in springfield. in my opinion he is the best there is. he may be able to help.

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my sister had a false negative and she had a still born. Don't mean to scare you, but you should maybe get a blood test to make sure

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What kind of pregnacy test did you have? Urine tests aren't always accurate. You should ask for an HCG/Progesterone test that will tell you for sure.

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I'd definitely go back to the doctor for blood work and stuff. I also agree w/ Amy Lea. Depo is horrible. I loved it while on it, but it really screwed up my body. Considering that before going on Depo I got pregnant the very first month of trying and that after going off of Depo (went to bc pills for 6 months) I had 2 miscarriages and didn't give birth to my son til 23 month after I was completely off all birth control..... It may be just a coincidence, but I don't believe so.

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I'd find a fertility specialist. If you've been trying for over a year it's time to run some tests and get some help.

Iridescent - posted on 01/08/2011




The Depo shot is horrible. On average, during the original trials, it took 18 months to completely get it out of your system and regain fertility. So yes, he could be right. It can also cause permanent infertility and a lot of other complications. If you're not comfortable waiting, request more be done.

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Birth control can cause you not take time to get pregnant. Your body's hormones have been altered by the bc and now it is trying to find it's way back to what is natural. Give it some time. If things don't happen soon, get some testing done. There are 2 of you trying to make a baby and you both have to be healthy to create new life...

Megan - posted on 01/08/2011




pregnancy tests can give a false negative, i'd take another one, just to be sure, but i'm not sure about the birth control, sorry, i wasn't very helpful!

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