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Trish - posted on 06/05/2016 ( 3 moms have responded )




I'm new here and was thinking maybe I would try this out..I'm confused and lost on how to react to my current situation. I have two beautiful boys 13 and 8. Two years ago their father left us in the middle of the night for his best friends wife. I had no clue this was coming. He moved in with her and tried to play house with our kids. Me and the kids lost our home because he owned it and everything. The boys were strong we lived in a front room for a year so I could get my Masters in social work. Their father found out the girl was cheating moved back into our old home and kinda lost it.. He became very selfish narcissistic forward teo years.. two weeks ago his house was raided for drugs.. They found a lot and he has been on the run for two weeks now waiting for his lawyer to help him, his mom says. In this time he has not reached out to the boys I've had dcfs at my families home and calling because of reports made recently..Our boys care a lot for their father and they know he is on the run and what he's's all over town.. I don't know how to feel I found out he ran back to the same women who he left with the first time..she is hiding him..smh.. Should I be thankful he has contacted the boys? I'm so angry..we never been to court he paid childsupport in a civil agreement..should I go to court and take full custody?? Should I keep them from him being he's so unstable and caused them (Us) so much pain ? I don't want this to come back on me .. But I want them to be safe and stable..the house he said he lived in he didn't even live in was used for his weekends and drugs and was living with this women.. So many lies have been told to kids and a lot just came out..what would you do? How is a healthy way to deal with this? He was a great father baseball coach the works then snapped and like a mid life crisis took over and has been distructive confused ..when he turns himself in and gets bonded out I don't know what I'm gonna do..LOST


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Michelle - posted on 06/05/2016




Like that other ladies have said.
Go to court and get custody, visitation and child support sorted out legally.

Jodi - posted on 06/05/2016




You should always have custody and visitation court orders sorted out, regardless of the situation. So yes, time to file for custody. You may want to push for supervised contact for their dad.

Dove - posted on 06/05/2016




You go to court, present your evidence, and let the judge decide. Should have done that 2 years ago.

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