Confused???My son is taking my sisters panties, we do not know when he takes them or why? How do I approach him? Is this normal behavior for a 12 year old boy, is he gay?

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Shammy - posted on 11/10/2013




This has nothing with being gay today its called an Atypical Sexual interest. You should try to find out why he is doing it. Have a frank discussion with him alone. Ask him if he is masturbating with it or just wearing it, whether he likes the material or the fact that its being worn by someone else.

Maybe the first thing is to see if hell settle for his own pairs, if that dont work. Tell him that later on he can go to jail for stealing the property of others, and it will be extremely embarrassing.

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Gay for taking panties? I'm not sure where you got that theory from, but I'd have to so no to it right away. Not sure about why he's doing it though.

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