confused on what to do?

Jennifer - posted on 04/18/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




I hate to do this, but I need advice on this topic. I have a boy that is 3 in june that I have been watching for over a year now and the last 5 months I have notice that he has been coming with girl pull ups everyday, dyed hair once, girl dress on(once), never has any matching sock on or inside out. His mom. Was in a relationship with his dad which hasn't worked, but now dating a girl which I have no issue because I am bi myself. My concern is that I see all the pictures of allowing her son to wear all this girl stuff and wonder if she tells her son that he is a boy and boy normally don't wear that stuff. I'm not being sexist or discriminating at all. I just think he is too young and feel that his mom might be pushing it because she might have wanting a boy and she has a Gf and no male rolemodel to show him what boys do. Part of me want to talk to her, but fear it will come off as insult, etc. I have a child of my own and is a boy and to him he finds it where and I try to make him understand, but I fear that the child will have issues later on.

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