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Ok i have my period three to four days and in april i had a full period and in may 26 i start but it last half of the 26 n n all day 37 then it stoped so i found out i was pregnant june 26 or 28 but when i got to the doctor on july 17 they say i was 7weeks,3days but then the did the measurement it came to 8 weeks i dont know when i got pregnant since my period our crazy my doctor said feb 22 or feb 25 is my due date i just dont know wht to go by plz help


Carolina - posted on 09/15/2014





I would go by the measurement.
Unless you are always on schedule with your period and you know when you ovulate and you are actively trying to get pregnant, its hard to know for sure.

Also remember that woman can have period like symptoms before they realize they are pregnant. I've had many a friend think she was pregnant, get a weird period think she wasn't, then come to find out she was totally pregnant.

Don't stress about it! Stress is no good for that baby.

Oh, also remember that babies will come out when they are ready. Mine came out a week early, she said she was done baking and to let her out!

If you being Prego is good news: Then congratulations!
If not: Things happen for a reason, trust your gut and do what you feel is best.

Good luck!

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