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I married into a Simi broken family, My husband and his daughter and Me and my son. Together we started a journey together.. After about a year my step daughters mom was released from a prison sentence and my husband at the time my boyfriend was still married to her (process of divorce).. Well when she was released she rekindled her relationship with my step daughter (not to blame her, her mom was gone for 3 years.. she is 7 now).. Well I think personally when u abandon your child for drugs and then u get locked up you should be limited, Well my husband decided to be the nice person and allow my step daughter to pick who she wanted to live with. Well of course with her mom gone for so long she picked her mother. Well since she went and lived with her last July she has been manipulated with the whole “evil stepmom”. I work my butt off to ensure her that I am here for her and we have a blast the times were together but when she goes home to her mother’s she lies. Well it has a lot more to the issue, but, Lately since my step daughter was with her dad for so long by herself she has issues adjusting to me and her dad being married ( so she says, but doesn’t want us to get divorced) she is confused at 7 and I want to believe that her mother had a lot to do with this, I have accepted the fact that there could be an underlying issue bcz we brought our 2 families together and her mom just getting out of prison.. But at the same time I’m not getting the whole picture.. How am I supposed to keep my husband and step daughter but at the same time let him invest all his time in her and leave me and my son out?


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She must be very confused because before her Mum got out of prison she obviously liked you and thought you were a great person and then for her Mum to be telling her a bunch of lies about you goes against what she actually knows about you.

The best thing to do is to keep letting her know that you love her and she can come to you with anything. Try not to react when she says mean things to you.

There's also no reason that your Husband has to leave you and your son out of anything. Do things as a family like you would have before so she knows that things haven't changed.

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