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Should a ex-boyfriend that was called grandpa by my grandson still be able to see this child after a break-up ?


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Ashley - posted on 10/30/2012




absolutely! my mom had a boyfriend from the time i was 9 til 23. he wasnt the greatest to me and my brothers, but when i had my first son, he did a complete change and did everything he could for my son. he was the greatest grandpa any kid could ever ask for. he was like that with all 3 of my kids and all of my nephews. my kids love him to death, and they dont get to see him as much because he moved away, but they still ask to call him all the time, they write to him and they see him when ever they can. he is a better grandpa to them than any of the other bio grandpa's they have. if the grandson loves this guy, then yes he should absolutely be able to see him. also, my mom understood completely why i still let my kids see their "papa" and never once got mad or complained, she has even taken them to see him. it is about the kids, not the adults. dont hurt this little boy by forcing someone they love and care about out of their life.

Jodi - posted on 10/30/2012




Obviously the child developed a relationship with him to be calling him grandpa. If you force the ex to not be allowed to see the grandson any more, you are essentially punishing the grandson. He doesn't understand why he can't see him any more. That is adult's business. So unless it is a toxic situation for the child, I don't see why grandpa can't still see him.

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