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any advice on what to do about a very congested 4 month old? She seems to feel good, but she is so stuffy and has difficulty breathing, and sometimes eating. I've done steam and drops/aspirator. Could it be allergies???

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I had the same problem with my 2 year old and allergies. I bring her every two a week to a wholistic natural chiropracter. the Dr. uses the flow of energy - gently touching my daughters back. I was surprised with the results. she also drinks plenty of liquids. I was skeptical at first and realized a two, four and six year old will always tell the truth!

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i agree with the advice given as i too have had axperience with this problem. i also take my children to a chiropractor who helps boost their immune system and help stimulate their sinuses to drain. but if you are unfamiliar with chiropractors do some research and find ones who practice kinesiology and the SOT form of chiropractic adjustment. They don't apply any more pressure to yur child than you would and don't "crack bones". they will also be able to help give you an indication as to whether your child is suffering something viral or allergy.

Jenna - posted on 10/13/2008




both my children have gone through the same thing, and it seems really hard to get around, i tried steam nose drops, the best thing i found to help was baby vic on their chest the help ease it, kepp their head higher than thier feet when they sleep it helps open their airways as both my children have asthma, maybe take her to the doctors they mite offer an inhaler. But hang in there as she is so small she carnt cough off whats on her chest and once she does she will be loads better x

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