Conserened about continuing with an IEP, what should i know about the longterm affects and the stigma associated?

Elizabeth - posted on 01/30/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




Why are teachers so quick to suggest individual education plan? I have had horrible experiences with variouse schools not, to mention the stigma that high schoolers get from this. My daughter has been doing well considering the change in school (do to relocation) without the iep, nows shes back in town and is being referred to have one done. I'm confused and don't know how I should face this. I feel the iep is an easy way out from having to deal with her, but please share your thought?


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How can there be a stigma attached to something that is confidential?

an IEP is in place to help the student. It can be for medical reasons, or learning reasons, or behavioural reasons.

I'm with Jodi, you're the first I've ever heard complain about an IEP.

It is most definitely NOT the "easy way" out of dealing with a student, as an IEP usually has accommodations that require a bit MORE of a commitment out of a teacher, rather than less.

And, honestly, why a parent would NOT want to do everything to help their child with a learning strategy is beyond me.


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Jodi - posted on 01/30/2014




You are the first parent I've come across to complain about their child being on an individual education plan. There is not generally a stigma attached - other kids don't generally know about it.

I think it would help to know why she is being recommended for an IEP. IEPs are not generally about not having to deal with a child, but rather, putting strategies in place that work FOR that child.

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