Consindering homeschooling son...wondering when to put him in public school

Jennifer - posted on 12/12/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I would just love to homeschool my son. I think there are so many great opportunities afforded to homeschooled children. However, at some point, high school or earlier, I would like to put my son in public school for the sake of college acceptance. Although I do know colleges are more accepting of homeschooled children, this is the choice I am set on making. So between the ages of 4th grade to 9th grade, is there an ideal age to enroll a child in public school? I know that is a tricky time for children, so I'm hoping to get some advice based on emotional maturity and past experience with making this type of change.


Carrie - posted on 12/17/2013




I had two friends when I was youger who were homeschooled and then entered "regular" school. One did when we started junior high the other when we started high school. I think starting them at what are typically transition years make it easier on them. They're not really considered the "new" kids since kids are merging from different schools. Depending on how active you are in homeschooling groups and how much interaction they get with other kids just make sure you monitor with their teachers their social interactions and group participation for a little while. My friend Julie who was homeschooled until high school was always quite shy and it took an act of congress to get her to participate in a classroom discussions despite the fact that she skipped a grade and was very bright.

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