Constant diarrhea/soft stools

Chrissy - posted on 06/19/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




My son is 2 years old, he's in daycare, and caught a virus going around from another kid, was home for 2 days, back to daycare, and still having diarrhea. I've stayed home with him every time he was sick and never caught anything, but I caught this, and I was sick as a dog, couldn't keep anything down, even the daycare teachers were sick. So this was some virus! Then a week or so later another virus was going around, the time in between his bowels didn't go back to normal, they weren't diarrhea, but soft stool, his bm's have yet to go back to normal. He's still having soft stool (it's been well over 2 weeks since it started), then every other day or so he'll get 3 diarrhea diapers all within an hour or so. I've been giving him the Brat diet, bland foods, nothing to upset his stomach. He's been tested for rotavirus and stool culture, both normal. Now we're seeing a specialist (tummy Dr). He's had issues since he was an infant with bowels, constipation, severe acid reflux, bloating, has allergy related asthma-for which he takes Allegra daily. I'm not sure what to do, he's got a normal appetite so he's constantly asking for foods, that I'm scared to give to him, he has no fever, doesn't act sick. Doesn't seem to be having trouble growing, or gaining weight... Not sure what to do. Please help. Hoping to see Specialists within the next week or so, (waiting for insurance). Please help if you can with advice. He seems to always be sick with something.

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