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I think my baby is constipatied he's going 50+ hours without pooing then I changed his brand of milk I was over the moon as I had 3 bowl movements in less than 24 hours but now it's been 24 hours and feeling sorry for him any advice? Don't want to start adding more stuff to his diet I give him water as much as I can he's only 6 weeks old and want to help my poor little man


Cydne - posted on 08/16/2013




All advice that I've ever been given is that there's enough water in the formula especially for a child as young as six weeks. If you are concerned about his bowel movements and possibly what his food intake is I would definitely contact the pediatrician. Constipation isn't something that is a light matter I can cause serious problems. There's nothing that you can do besides change his formula but I would definitely cancel the doctor before doing So. A lot of times it can be the amount of iron in the formula that's causing constipation but I know Dr.. Do what you can to make him comfortable rub his belly give him warm baths and worked his legs until you can find a cure for constipation the only thing you can do at the mom is help him through it

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