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Hi my baby is 5months old and is constipated,he is like that since birth he never poo on his own i must always give him something like lacson to poo if i dont give him,he dont poo but i give him every second can i get him to poo on his own.he drinks nespray milk and is on purity rice cereal


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Grace - posted on 09/30/2013




It happened to my 5months old baby as well. I stopped with solid for a day and no formula fot a day. I just fed him breast milk whole day and even though he doesn't show his hungry signs I fed him. Of course I drank extra fluid and pear juice, fruits. And I watched him. When he wanted to poop (normally he pushs himself hard to poop) I lift his legs and drew bicycle motion slowly to help push his tummy. Then he finished...

I stopped giving him rice cereal. Changed to wheat. It will help him poop smoothly than rice. And what i do is wheat cereal in the morning and dinner, other fruits and vegetables during the day. Rest, i breast feed him. He got no problem with that constipation anymore.

Don't force him to eat soild so much, just read his sign, whether he really wants to eat whatever u give. He's only 5months anyway. :)

Rachel - posted on 09/30/2013




I'm guessing it's the rice cereal. I'd stop that and try something else if he needs a filler. Rice binds you up.

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