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My son is 2.5 yrs old and now a days he always get constipated.he still drink formula milk and at the same time he eat solid food.what should i do to prevent him from being constipated?is fresh milk good for him?


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My daughter is about the same age and recently went to the doctor for functional constipation. He took her off all dairy for a few months to help her. So milk and milk products can cause issues. Cheese can cause problems also. I personally gave up taking away all dairy. The poor child was caught in the fridge taking bites out of a block of cheese in secret. I felt horrible that she felt she needed to sneak food.

He wrote us a script for Polyethyline glycol 3350. It's powder miralax I think. I would personally get it from your doctor so you know how much to give, and for how long.

Other things, avoid bananas. Apple juice is our best friend when it comes to her getting a little backed up. Simply apple brand seems to clean her out the fastest but any apple juice will help.

Any high fiber food will help. This though depends on what he does like. Mine personally loves broccoli so we had it for dinner every night for a week strait.( got really sick of it) Even corn will help with overly hard stools. (even though the body doesn't digest corn) Nuts are high in fiber if there is no allergy. Even if you get him to eat them by giving him chocolate covered peanuts, it's still getting the fiber in him, in my opinion.

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